christmas stocking-150x150Put a smile on his face this Christmas by filling his stocking with these travel accessory gifts for guys of all ages.


1. Swiss+Tech Micro-Max 19-in-1 Pocket Tool swiss-tech-micro-max-sizeswiss-tech-micro-max-150x150

This amazingly compact Swiss+Tech Multitool replaces a full Swiss Army knife or Leatherman when he wants to travel light. Measuring less than 2” when closed, it folds out into 19 pro-grade tools, so he can tighten, loosen, wire, drill, file, open, and measure when needed.

The Swiss+Tech Micro Max Pocket Tool is designed to fit on a key ring, or just stash one into a glove box, pack, or bag.


2. Universal Cable Organizer universal-cable-organizer-150x150

This Universal Cable Organizer is a simple, compact, and effective way to keep all those cables and cords organized in his bag. Elastic loops keeps things neatly in place.


3. Fleece Hat


Soft warm and comfortable, he’ll want to bring this beanie style fleece hat along on those cold days on the trail or about town.

Choose from 11 color options.


4. Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Half Cube

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes maximize and simplify your packing.


Measuring 10” x 7” x 3”, the half cube is ideal for socks, underwear, t-shirts, and other compact items, and stuffs well into those empty spaces in your luggage.

Use on its own or combine it with other Pack-It cube sizes for organized packing. Comes in a choice of colors.


5. Neoprene Eyeglass Soft Case


Never lose glasses or sunglasses again with this soft, quick-drying, and durable Neoprene Eyeglass Case. Use the attached clip to secure it to a daypack, bag, or belt loop. And it floats, making it perfect for beach, and water sports too.

Available in your choice of 6 color.


6. Camping / Backpacking Stove


This small but powerful ultralight camping and backpacking stove is a butane burner with an auto starter and adjustable flame. (Gas canister not included.)

It weighs only 3.9 ounces packed in the included case, making it super convenient to take backpacking or camping.


7. Travel Shoe Bags


Protect your clothes by keeping your shoes separated in your luggage with these travel shoe bags . Bags measure 12” x 15”, are made of a light weight yet durable water-repellent nylon, and have a drawstring closure

These travel shoe bags come in a set of 3.


8. Mighty Bright UltraThin Book Light


Read at night without the need for a bedside lamp. Small and compact design, the Mighty Bright UltraThin LED Book Light slips securely onto his book, and has a 90-degree tilting head precise adjustment.

Available in multiple colors.


9. Lewis N. Clark Clothesline Lewis-N.-Clark-Clothes-Line-150x150

This Lewis N. Clark Travel Clothesline is perfect for that quick bit of laundry he needs to do at a hotel or while camping. Just use the suction cups or clips to attach it to bathroom walls, rods, knobs, railings, or branches. No clothespins required with this twisted cord design.

Compact and easy to pack, then when needed it stretches from 54” to 70”.


10. Travel Tie Case tie-case-150x150

Keep neckties protected and wrinkle-free when traveling with this travel tie case. Cushioned lining and elastic straps prevent wrinkles while keeping them in place.

The case holds up to 6 neckties, and has a zippered pouch for storing tie clips and cufflinks.


11. DryPak Waterproof Wallet waterproof-wallet-150x150

This DryPak Waterproof Wallet pouch seals tight to protect his license, cash, cards, and keys from water. Wear it around the neck using the attached lanyard or secure it in a pocket. Great for beach, pool, boat, and other water activities.


12. Lenmar 5 Piece International AC Plug World Travel Adapter Set ac-plug-adapter-set-150x150

Keep electric devices powered wherever he travels abroad. This World Travel Adapter Plug Set will adapt a standard AC plug to fit into foreign power supplies.

Includes adapters for Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, South America and South Pacific. Take them all along, or just the one(s) you’ll need for a trip.


13. Travel Nail Grooming Kit travel-manicure-set-150x150

For guys who like to keep well groomed on the road or at home, this compact Alice Brand Nail Grooming Kit set for has 10 surgical quality stainless steel tools for maintaining nails while on the road or at home.

Comes in clasp case.


14. Platypus SoftBottle platypus-softbottle-150x150

Lighter weight, more flexible and more compact than rigid water bottles, the Platypus SoftBottle fits in drink holder, round pocket or flat pocket when filled, and when empty just roll it up and slip it away anywhere. Perfect the airport, walking or hiking, or keeping in the car.

Comes in .5 or 1 liter size, and in assorted colors, and with choice of cap types (push-pull, hyper flow, or twist closure).


15. Lifeline 57-Piece Trail Light Dayhiker First Aid Kit dayhiker-first-aid-kit-150x150

Hikers, campers, and road warriors should never be without basic first aid. Slip this small, lightweight 57-piece Dayhiker First Aid Kit into a pack or trunk so that the essentials needed to patch those unexpected injuries are always at hand.


16. HotHands Hand Warmers HotHands-hand-warmers-150x150

Keep hands warm in any weather with HotHands Hand Warmers, the popular single use air-activated heat packs. Just slip them inside gloves or pockets for 8-10 hours of heat.


17. Travel Neck Wallet Passport Holder neck-wallet-150x150

Keep passport, cruise ship id, tickets, money, cell phone, and other valuables safe and easy to access in this Neck Wallet Passport Holder. It has 2 zippered pockets, one clear pocket.

Choose from 7 colors.


18. LOCK LACES Elastic Shoelace and Fastening System lock-laces-gray-150x150

These elastic shoelaces by Lock Laces replace regular laces and makes shoes quick and easy to slip on and off, while keeping them secure while walking, running, or playing sports.

Comfortable and extra convenient at airports, on planes, visiting temples, and anytime she wants to avoid tying and untying shoelaces. They come in 15 color choices.


19. Ben’s Insect Repellent Wipes bens-wipes-150x150

Be prepared for mosquitoes and ticks with convenient fragrance-free 30% deet Ben’s Insect Repellent Wipes.

Come in a box of 12 individually wrapped wipes.


20. USB to Lightning Apple Device Key Chain Charger charger-150x150

Never be without a charging cable again. This ultra compact Apple device key chain charger can charge an iPhone 5, iPod, iPad Air and iPad mini from any USB port. Closes up to fit conveniently onto a key chain or slip in a pocket.