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What You’ll Find Here

Destinations Travel Gear is built especially for seasoned travelers, new travelers, and those looking to find the perfect gift for the traveler in their life.

Each month, we distill the best ideas presented by our readers, experience drawn from our own travels, and the latest information from travel experts to bring you:

  • fresh new travel ideas
  • the best proven travel tips
  • candid and no-nonsense product reviews
  • helpful recommendations selected for your personal travel style


About The Items Found On This Site

We take pride in the selection of items that appear on Destinations Travel Gear. Our goal is to bring you the best products, with the best overall value.  To accomplish this, we only include items that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Items that we have personally used while traveling
  • Items that we have personally tested / reviewed in person
  • New products on the market that we feel represent significant improvements in  innovation, style, quality, or functionality
  • Items recommended by a travelers from the Destinations Travel Gear community (not affiliated with the recommended product)
  • Items that have a consistently high consumer rating across multiple websites

In short, we only consider the best and most reliable products.  Even if you are a budget traveler, we may recommend spending a bit more to get an economical product, but one that will hold up to the demands of the traveling lifestyle.


Affiliate Relationships

Please note that we have affiliate relationships with several merchants, and we may be compensated when someone clicks on a product link and makes a purchase from one of these merchants.  Rest assured that this does not increase the buyer’s cost beyond what would have been paid when visiting the merchant site directly.  Plus, we don’t make anything if the item is returned for any reason.  So it’s in our best interest to only promote top rated items that buyer’s will keep and benefit from in their travels.  For more information, see our Affiliate Disclosure.

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