Sea Trek in ArubaAruba MapLocated just 20 miles off on the Venezuelan coast, Aruba is a small island that is part of the “ABC” islands. Its neighbors Curacao and Bonaire make up the rest of the island group.  Arid and windy, Aruba is very different from most Caribbean Island images we see in travel brochures. Aruba’s greatest treasure is in the bright blue warm waters teaming with colorful fish and the friendliness of its Dutch influenced native people.

We took a trip there in July 2002, and had 9 days enjoy a variety of water activities: snorkeling, parasailing, wind surfing, jet skiing, a submarine ride, and an underwater sea trek excursion. Plus we had plenty of time to sit and relax under a palm covered hut.  Our emphasis was on relaxation and not picture taking, but we shot a few just to record the events.


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Aruba Flag   Aruba

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