foot-cradle-for-bed-assortmentExcessive walking.  Unfamiliar beds.  Prolonged periods of sitting.   Any of these typical travel experiences can result in sore, sensitive feet and calves that keep you awake at night.  Often that soreness is exacerbated by the weight of blankets and sheets lying directly on your legs and feet as you try to sleep.  One of the easiest ways to bring relief to those sensitive feet is to use a foot cradle for bed. 

What is a Foot Cradle for Bed?

A foot cradle, also known by such names as a blanket lift bar, blanket support frame, or foot tent, is a simple device that easily secures to the end of the bed in such a way that it creates a tent-like structure for your feet.  Bed coverings are draped over the blanket lift bar, elevating them several inches above the mattress.  This provides enough clearance for feet to rest comfortably without the pressure of sheets or blanket lying directly upon them, even if you turn frequently during the night. 

Why Use a Blanket Lift Bar?

blanketbooster-self-assembling-blanket-lift-support-bar-3People who suffer from foot soreness or cramping at night while at home often use such a foot tent blanket support on their bed to provide comfort each night.  In fact, these items are touted by physicians for those who suffer from painful bunions, sensitive skin or joints, or are recovering from foot recovery.  

Certainly if you are accustomed to using one at home, you will want to have one with you when you travel.   And those of you who have never tried one but have experienced the soreness that travel can bring will surely want to consider packing a foot cradle for bed into your luggage so you have it just when you need it most.  Relieving foot pain at night will help you get a much better night’s sleep, so that you can make the most of your precious travel days.

Why is the Blanketbooster Lift Support Bar Best for Travelers?

There are several blanket lift bar solutions out there, many of which have top ratings by users (and, beware, many that are not so highly rated).   They are available in a variety of sizes and designs.  They may be constructed of heavy steel bar, and may have special features such as adjustability.

When it comes to choosing the best one for travel, you’ll want to be sure it is not only sturdy and reliable, but also lightweight and compact so that it can easily fit into luggage and then be quickly set up at your destination. 

Our favorite pick for best foot cradle for bed to take on your travels is the Blanketbooster Self-Assembling Blanket Lift Support Bar.


There are several key reasons why this one stands out from the rest as being ideal for traveling:

  • Portable and Simple to Assemble – Super easy to set up and take down, you’ll be happy to find that absolutely no tools are required to set this up in seconds.  And it quickly folds up into a flat, compact size that can be slipped into the bottom of a suitcase.  It’s even small enough to fit in most carry-on luggage.
  • Lightweight – The last thing you want to do is to pack a heavy item that you’ll have to lug from place to place.  The great news is that the Blanketbooster weighs less than 1 pound.  (Compare this to the 3 to 7 pounds of most other blanket support frames.)
  • Durable – Of course you’ll want something that can stand up to the rigors of travel, and this product does the trick.  Made of an ultra strong aerospace alloy, it won’t break, chip, or crack under pressure.  And it’s designed to securely hold the heaviest of bed covers night after night.
  • Choice of  Sizes – Think about the size of bed you typically sleep in while traveling.  Then choose the one that best fits your personal travel style.  The Blanketbooster comes in three sizes – full/queen, king/CA king, or twin/single.  blanketbooster-self-assembling-blanket-lift-support-bar-2If like most of us you’ll be staying in multiple accommodations in the course of your travels, we recommend choosing the full/queen size because it offers the greatest versatility.  It will work well on a smaller twin mattress, and be just as effective on your half of a king/CA king bed.   And at the height of 23″, it works well with thin or thick mattress, giving your feet enough clearance for supreme comfort.

Whether you choose the Blanketbooster or another type of blanket support frame solution, be sure to take one along on your next trip.  You’ll love the relief from bedtime foot pain, and feel the spring in your step when it’s time to get out and explore during the day.