Bhutan route mapBhutanese children at festivalThe tiny Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan holds a national philosophy centered around Gross National Happiness.   More emphasis is placed on well being than on material growth.  That means a keen focus on spiritual, physical, and social health of its citizens and natural environment.  And we found this to be very evident during our memorable 3 week journey through this magical country in 2009.

Bhutan is a deeply Buddhist land steeped in rich tradition.  Children and adults still wear traditional colorful clothing of the kira and gho. Ancient Buddhist monasteries, temples, and dzongs (fortresses) with beautiful unique architecture are abundant throughout the countryside.

Commercial photos and video on iStockphotoWe had the great fortune of visiting three different and spectacular religious festivals rich with monks wearing costumes of animal heads and flowing colors, dancing fairytale-like stories, and playing music with beautifully unique instruments such as the more than 10 foot long dungchen.  And people of all ages loved having their photos taken – a photographer’s dream!

With extremely friendly and welcoming people, overflowing spirituality, and magnificent scenery, the sites and sounds delighted us at every turn making this an absolute favorite experience for both of us.


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