Working out and staying fit can be a challenge when traveling. The all-inclusive meal deals, all-you-can-eat buffets, and delicious local cuisines can be tempting while on vacation.

Some hotels and cruise ships offer fitness rooms so you can exercise, but they may be crowded, not have the equipment you use, or, the thought of traipsing through the lobby or riding the elevator all sweaty may make you think twice about leaving your room. And, many places don’t have a fitness room available at all.

When you bring your workout gear with you, you can exercise wherever you want, whenever you want. Include these fitness travel accessories in your travel gear packing list and you’ll never need to miss a workout again.

  1. Black Mountain Resistance Band Set – This top rated all inclusive travel kit comes complete with 5 bands of differing resistance, a door anchor, an ankle strap, a starter guide, and a travel carrying case.

  1. Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat – Thin and lightweight for folding or rolling into a carry-on, this mat is comfortable and sticky enough for those poses that require stability. Bring it along so you can escape into an asana whenever you want.

  1. TRX Home Suspension Trainer Kit – If you’re familiar with TRX, then you already know that you can get a full body workout with these amazing straps. And with this portable kit, you can easily bring your TRX workout with you in your travel gear. For more details, see our review of the TRX Home Suspension Trainer travel kit.

  1. Trigger Point Grid 1.0 Muscle Foam Roller – This roller is excellent for relief of tight muscles, knots, soreness, and joint pain – all those things that can plague us as travelers. It can also be used to improve balance, range of motion, and circulation. With dimensions of only 13” x 5” tube, it makes an excellent travel gear companion. Smaller and larger sizes available too. Plus it comes in 5 different color choices.

  1. SPRI Xertube – Designed for quick and easy us, stash one of these exercise cords in your bag and you’ll be ready to effectively isolate target muscles in the arms and legs wherever you go. Five different levels of resistance available – choose the one(s) that are right for you.

  1. Aylio 3 Flat Stretch Bands Exercise Set (Light, Medium, Heavy Resistance) and Door Anchor – This set of three 5 foot bands (light, medium and heavy) are great for toning and sculpting. It also comes with a door anchor for additional resistance exercise options. These flat latex straps can easily slip into a bag or pack for easy access.

  1. AquaBells Dumbbells Water Weights – AquaBells Dumbbells – AB2AB2 – You don’t have to miss your dumbbell workout with this pair of water filled weights. Adjust the weight by the amount of water you choose to add into different chambers, up to 16 pounds per dumbbell. When empty, they lie flat in your luggage.

  1. NewlineNY SBB0718M-NYBK Step-On Mini Travel Bathroom Scale, Cool Black – Okay, this isn’t exactly fitness gear, but what a great way to monitor your weight while traveling. This scale measures only 12.2” x 6.3” x .8”, and weighs 1.5 pounds. With the available travel case (which must be purchased separately), you can easily slip this scale into your your laptop case or baggage.


Take one or more of these items along with you in your travel bag and you’ll be able to workout wherever you go.

Find more travel accessories to keep you healthy and fit in our travel gear store.



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