Galapagos Islands Map with Route

Male Frigate BirdsTravel to the Galapagos Islands offers one of the world’s greatest opportunities for interactions with unique wildlife.  Walking within inches of courting blue footed boobies, stepping carefully around marine iguanas, and urging sea lions to move so we could make our way to our zodiac were daily occurrences.

And the underwater encounters while snorkeling were equally interactive, with darting penguins, playful sea lions, and large peaceful sea turtles exhibiting no visible fear of humans.

The Galapagos is a group of islands located 600 miles west of Ecuador.   Because it is right on the Equator, travel there is great all year round, with each month offering different wildlife experiences.  We chose to go in March, because this is typically the season when waters are at their warmest (we still wore shortie wetsuits when snorkeling), and at their calmest (I am very prone to sea sickness, and was totally fine with taking 1/2 a Bonine each day – most people did great without).

For 8 days we lived on the Mary Anne, a 200 foot, 16 passenger sailing yacht that took us throughout the Western islands.  Each day’s land excursions and snorkel adventures brought dramatic volcanic landscapes and tons of new and interesting wildlife encounters.   This is truly a most-see destination for nature lovers.

For more details about our trip, see our blog post called Exploring the Galapagos Islands – Planning Your Island Adventure.


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