ACR GPS Personal Location Beacon

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The ACR PLB-375 ResQLink+ Personal Locator Beacon is the world’s smallest PLB, and it floats!  At 5.4 oz, the ResQLink+ weighs less than a couple of PowerBars. And topping at just 4.5 inches, it’s smaller than the cell phone in your pocket. Small and mighty, the ResQLink+ is a full-powered, GPS-enabled rescue beacon designed for boaters, pilots, backpackers, skiers, and other outdoor adventurers.

When you deploy the antenna and press the ON button, the ResQLink quickly and accurately relays your position to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites. A built-in strobe light provides visibility during night rescues.  With its powerful 66 channel GPS, the ResQLink guides rescuers to within 100 meters or less of your position.Miniature design; small as a cell phone, floats

  • 406 MHz satellite signal
  • 121 MHz homing beacon
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in LED strobe
  • 5 year warranty


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