platypus softbottlesThere are a lot of great reusable water bottles out there, and we’ve tried several of them.  But the Platypus SoftBottle collapsible water bottles are the ones that we bring with us when traveling because they’re more lightweight and space-efficient than traditional hard-sided bottles.


Flexible and Collapsible

The main thing that sets the SoftBottle apart is that it is completely flexible and collapsible.  Fill it up and slide it into your pack, purse, pocket, or other tight spaces that a rigid bottle would never be able to squeeze into.  Then as you start drinking, you can begin to compress the bottle so that it takes up less and less precious space…its like magic!

When it’s empty, your SoftBottle can either lie flat or you can roll it into a very compact size.  No more need to carry bulky empty bottles.  Simply tuck it into a pocket in your bag and fill when you get to your destination.

This is especially convenient when traveling by air.  Just roll it up in your carry-on or pocket while going through airport security, and then fill it at a water fountain when you get through to the other side. Its soft flexible design make it a snap to fill at most faucets, unlike those bulky hard plastic bottles.

With a SoftBottle, there’s no more need to buy those single use $3 bottles of water – and at just $8.95, your bottle will pay for itself in just three uses!


SoftBottle Collapsible Water Bottle Sizes

This Platypus water bottle comes in two different sizes: .5 liters (17 ounces) and 1 liter (34 ounces).

We use both.  The .5 liter one I either keep in my car for extra hydration, stick in a fanny pack on shorter walks, or carry-on for air travel.  Dave likes the 1 liter water bottle for all around use, and I use mine as a second bottle or on longer hikes and excursions.

Here are the specs on each:

platypus softbottle specs


Both sizes come in an assortment of color options.


Clean Taste

Platypus backs the SoftBottle with a “Clean-Taste Guarantee™”.  It’s made without BPA, and has a food grade lining that doesn’t retain flavors or have a plastic taste.

I have had times when water has remained in my bottle for a few days, and it still tastes pure and fresh.  I also sometimes fill my bottle with Gatorade or another sports drinks.  When I simply rinse it out and refill with water, there’s no leftover Gatorade taste at all.


Bottle Cap Types

Platypus has 3 different types of bottle caps that fit these bottles.  Most Softbottles come with either the standard screw on Closure Cap or the Push-Pull Cap.  The third style that you can get is the newer dual-valve Hyper Flow Cap, which has a twist-to-lock bite valve on it.  Here’s another great travel tip – if you already own a Platypus drinking tube, you can screw it on to these bottles to create a hydration system out of them!

You can buy any of these caps separately if you lose one, want to change it for a different type, or want to have a spare on hand.

The Push-Pull Cap is my favorite.  I like the convenience of being able to drink without having to remove the cap and worry about dropping or losing it.  Plus it keeps the drink from spilling out when I’m drinking while on the go.


Advantagesplatypus softbottle with closure cap

  • Weighs 80% less than typical rigid hydration bottles.
  • Provides fresh clean tasting water, and is 100% BPA-free.
  • Flexible and flat water bottle shape allows it to slip into your backpack, fanny pack, pockets, or other places that ridged cylinder bottles can’t fit into.
  • Compresses to a fraction of its original size when empty and can be rolled or flattened for easy packing or storage.
  • It can go in the freezer – Doubles as an icepack when put in with your lunch, and as the ice melts you can have nice cold water on a hot day.
    When making your frozen water bottle, don’t fill it all the way – leave about 2 inches at the top and let the excess air out by folding or squeezing it, before closing the cap, so there’s room for it to expand into ice.


Things to Know

  • Narrow opening has limitations – it makes it difficult to fill sometimes, it’s hard to pour in a powdered drink without a funnel, and you can’t just drop ice cubes into it.
  • Collapsibility makes it hard to dry thoroughly – need to blow a puff of air in to expand it, and turn it upside down to dry.
  • Unstable and prone to toppling over when partially empty – this can result in spillage when you put it down, or make it fold over on itself when storing it in a pack’s side pocket.

This is a ‘must have’ item for all travelers, hikers, sports fans, and active people. The lighter weight, compactness, and top quality of a Platypus collapsible water bottle will have you packing it for every outing.  And eco-minded travelers of all types will appreciate that it uses less energy and materials to make than a standard hydration bottle.

You can buy the Platypus Softbottle .5 liter or 1 liter water bottle on Amazon.


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