One of the questions we’re asked most often by family and friends is “Where are you guys headed off to next?”  We try to take 2-3 trips each year, and below are highlights from some of the places that we’ve explored.  Here’s more about us.

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We’d love to hear from you.  What was your favorite trip?  Is there a destination that you recommend people visit?  Do you have a coveted travel item you’d like to share?  Drop us a note and let us know!


Western Europe

Austria  Austria – Vienna
France  France – Paris and Versailles
France  France – Provence River Cruise – Coming Soon
France  France – Tour du Mont Blanc
  Germany – Danube River Cruise – Coming Soon
Italy Flag  Italy – Tuscany & Cinque Terre
Italy Flag  Italy – Tour du Mont Blanc
Italy Flag  Italy – Venice and Dolomites
Spain Flag  Spain – Barcelona & Southern Spain
Switzerland Flag  Switzerland – Mont Blanc & Geneva

Eastern Europe

Bosnia & Herzegovina Flag  Bosnia & Herzegovina – Sarajevo
Croatia Flag  Croatia
Czech Republic Flag  Czech Republic – Prague
  Hungary – Danube River Cruise – Coming Soon
Montenegro Flag  Montenegro


  Tanzania Safari


  Cambodia – Angkor

Australia | New Zealand

   New Zealand – Coming Soon

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