Traveling can mean different things to different people.  For some, it may be relaxing on a cruise ship and having all of the day’s events planned for them.  For others, it might be a hiking or cycling adventure trip to explore the culture or landscape of another country.  Or it may be taking to the road by car or RV and exploring the back roads that lie just beyond that next ridge.

When you’re browsing for a travel gift, think about the person you’re shopping for.  Whether it’s yourself or someone else, consider the type of travel that they will be doing, the places they will visit, and their primary mode of travel.  This will help you choose items that will be the most useful for that person.

There are tons of great travel gift ideas that any traveler would love to receive and use.  But many items are more suited to a certain travel type or destination.  So to help you in your quest for just the right item for the person you have in mind, we’ve identified 8 traveler profiles that we target in our blog posts and in our online shop.  And of course, there are many other traveler profiles that could be added here.   But use these as a starting point in your search, and we’re confident you’ll find some new and interesting items to inspire the traveler in anyone.

Shop By Traveler Type

  • Adventure Seeker – Trekkers, Bikers, Kayakers, Adrenaline Sports Enthusiasts
  • World Explorer – Globe Trotters, Culturally Curious, World Sight Seekers
  • Business Traveler – Frequent Flyer, Convention Hopper, International Business Traveler
  • Road Warrior – Car Trippers, RV & Campers, Commuters, Traveling Sales People
  • Cruiser – Ocean Navigators, River Cruisers, Boating Enthusiasts, Sailors
  • Outdoor Lover – Campers, Hikers, Backpackers, Beach Floppers


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