glacier_bay_view“Weigh anchor and set a course for excitement!”

  • Sail the warm Caribbean waters on a 60 foot yacht
  • Cruise via large mega ship to varied ports of call on the European continent
  • Navigate the tight Alaskan glacial lakes on a small expedition boat
  • Admire the castles and countryside along the Danube from your luxury riverboat

There’s an ocean of choices when it comes to cruising. And veteran cruisers generally tend to settle in to an ideal ‘sweet spot’ among the enormous choices of trip styles and itineraries.

In spite of the variety, there are some things that cruisers have come to love about the cruising experience. Top of the list is that you simply unpack once, then enjoy the ride as your floating hotel takes you from destination to destination. Go to sleep gazing at a sunset over Santorini, Greece… wake up as dawn breaks, ready to explore Istanbul, Turkey.

Of course cruising is well known for pampering you with round-the-clock food and activity options. You can be as vigorous or laid back as you choose.

We love cruising, and our favorite type is cruising on the smaller 130 passenger river cruise ships.   Although there is something to be said for traveling with 4000 of your closest friends on a mega ship that has theaters, pools, spa, running track, mini golf, bars, restaurants, casinos, and enough shore excursions to tire out even the most hearty individual.

If you are a cruiser, then you’re familiar with the limited storage space on most vessels. You need to pack prudently, and bring items for enjoying the sea, the sun, and the scenery.  So whether you’re looking for something for yourself or for travel gift ideas for a cruiser in your life, our selection of top rated travel items and reviews of all kinds of cruising gear can help you find the right stuff to make sure your next cruise is smooth sailing.

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